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    2012 Taper Bushes

    From RS, a range of 2.0” x 1.2” taper bushes. Our 2012 bushes are manufactured from high-quality materials and precision machined to exact tolerances. 2012 taper lock bushes are a simple and cost-effective locking device, allowing easy positioning of pulleys, sprockets, and couplings to drive shafts.

    How does the size coding work?

    Taper lock bush sizes are identified by an industry recognised 4-digit code. This series or size reference is represented by two numbers. The first two digits represent the maximum bore size of the bush and the second two represent the bushing length. For example, a 2012 bush will have a maximum bore size of 2.0” and a total length of 1.2”

    Features and Benefits

    • Robust and reliable
    • Manufactured from high-grade materials
    • High mechanical strength
    • Quick and easy to fit
    • Compatible with taper bush pulleys and sprockets
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