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    GU10 Downlights

    GU10 Downlights are normally recessed into a ceiling where the light produced shines down. As the downlight is set into a ceiling, you will not see the back of the downlight connections only the front of the downlight is visible. They provide the required light to any area creating the perfect setting and enhancing any room. Downlights can add a touch of style turning an average space into to great space.

    GU10 Downlights bulbs are available as Halogen or LED light fittings and GU10 means the type of lamp base fitting. The downlights are fitted with 2 pins at the back of the light bulb which when placed into the downlight fitting complete a connection to the mains power supply.

    GU10 Downlights that are connected to a mains supply voltage do not require a LED driver and are easily replaced when needed.

    RS has a wide range of GU10 spotlights and GU10 downlights from recognised manufacturers including the RS PRO brand. Our range of Spotlights and downlights include manufacturers like Ledvance, Knightsbridge and Philips Lighting.

    What type of bulbs are supplied?

    Our downlights offer a choice of bulbs example GU10: Halogen glass body or LED glass body.

    Types of finish.

    We offer a range of finish, brushed aluminium, chrome, nickel, silver or white.

    Are downlights easy to install?

    Yes, they are relatively easy to install, however, an approved electrical engineer should always be the preferred option.

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