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    LED Downlights

    Just like LED batten lighting, LED downlights are an increasingly popular type of ceiling, cabinet or enclosure lighting system in modern homes, offices, commercial premises and industrial workspaces.

    LED stands for light emitting diode, which is a newer type of bulb that offers a far brighter, cleaner, cooler, more efficient light source that is far cheaper to run in the long term than the older style halogen GU10 (or even incandescent) downlights.

    Uses for LED downlights

    LED lights are a good option over traditional cabinet or recessed spotlights because

    • LED downlights operate at vastly cooler temperatures than other bulb types, meaning they are safer to leave running for extended periods and to use in close proximity to other materials and surfaces without risk of overheating and potentially causing fires
    • The fact that LED downlighting runs so much cooler also means it is far more cost-efficient in operation because the individual bulbs are not sucking up a lot of power that is instantly wasted in conversion to heat - the small amount of energy LED downlights do use is instantly converted to bright, crisp, even light
    • LED downlights to come on instantly, rather than having to warm up to full-colour temperature like some older bulb styles do - this also makes LED downlights an excellent option for use as security, PIR or motion sensor lighting
    • LED downlights are among the cheapest to run in the long-term - while the bulbs themselves cost a little more initially, they last many times longer than cheaper equivalent wattage incandescent or halogen bulbs and are much safer to swap out and replace when you eventually do need to change them

    LED downlights and cabinet lights can be bought in many different lumen ratings, light colour temperatures and configurations, making them an ideal solution for creating a range of different, highly flexible ambiences. These LED lights can be used as bathroom downlights, kitchen downlights and as outdoor downlights in homes, commercial premises, workshops and more.

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