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    Solar Flood Lights

    Solar powered floodlights are powered by the sun and do not need mains power electricity to work. Solar lamps charge up by sun light during the day via the solar panels which charge the batteries contained within the light. When it is dusk the light illuminates outdoor areas automatically until dawn. Once dawn comes the solar floodlight switches off and begins to charge once more for the next night.

    Solar flood lights are easy to install as they work on solar energy and are ideal for any outside areas including gardens, patios, drive ways, playing areas and garages to name a few.

    For solar lighting to work at its best, the solar panel must be placed in an area that the sun can reach without obstructions from buildings and any tall trees and fences.

    Things to considered

    • Light brightness, this will vary on the area you want the solar floodlight to illuminate. This is measured in lumens and can be from 300 to 800 lumens for these types of light.
    • Distance, how far do you want the light to go.
    • Battery type and capacity, how many hours of continuous power do you need.

    Solar Powered Floodlights features may include:

    • Adjustable solar panel angle
    • Fixings and battery included
    • Can be installed in various places, does not need a mains power supply, charges from the sun
    • Supplied with rechargeable batteries
    • No running costs
    • Robust housing for outdoor use, waterproof IP ratings
    • Environmentally friendly
    • PIR Sensors for detecting movement, great for outdoor security lighting
    • Adjustable dusk to dawn sensor
    • Works in winter months
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