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    LED Ceiling Lights

    LED ceiling lights provide an aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient way to bring lighting to your home. The LED bulbs in these lights produce a sharper and cleaner light source and are a great cost effective replacement for traditional fluorescent lighting. These LED ceiling lights are available in a wide range of styles including single batten, double batten as well as in a sleek modern looking flat LED panel design.

    What Are the Benefits of LED Flush Ceiling Lights?

    Cost Effective and Energy Efficient

    • LED bulbs last a lot longer than traditional bulbs giving LED lights a longer working life
    • LED lighting is also more energy efficient compared to halogen or fluorescent lighting and uses up to 90% less energy.
    • LED ceiling lights may cost more but both these benefits mean you can save money on your energy bills and they will soon pay for themselves!

    Environmentally Friendly

    • LED ceiling lights produce little waste in the form of heat emissions and provide an environmentally friendly way to light your home

    Hard Wearing

    • LED bulbs are tougher and more resilient than traditional light bulbs and are less likely to need replacing when accidently dropped or knocked

    Safe to Use

    • The bulbs in LED ceiling lights do not become as hot as conventional bulbs when the light is switched on which makes them safer to handle
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