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    5ft LED Battens

    5ft LED (light emitting diodes) battens are a type of light fitting which are found in various environments including offices, corridors and stairways. LED batten lights are energy efficient and are available with various colour temperatures from cool to warm daylight and are quick and easy to install and offers an efficient lighting solution in a number of applications.

    5ft LED battens have become very popular replacing the traditional fluorescent tube fixtures as LED technology increases the energy efficiency by up to 90%. Another great feature is that LED lights do not need to warm up, so once the light switch is turned you have instant lighting without any flickering.

    Some LED battens have a TP(B) fire rated diffuser, which ensures light is evenly distributed from the panel whilst preventing discoloration.

    Features can include:

    • Single LED battens or twin LED battens
    • Dimmable or Non-Dimmable options
    • IP20 rating for indoor use
    • IP65 rating for outdoor use (anti-corrosive and weatherproof)
    • LEDs have a long-life span
    • Fantastic brightness for less energy, strong lighting performance
    • LED battens require very little maintenance and produce very little waste in the form of heat emissions
    • Slimline battens are compact and stylish
    • LED contains no mercury and uses less power to run


    5 ft LED battens are used in a wide variety of areas including both domestic and commercial areas. LED battens can be found in:

    • Garages
    • Workshops
    • Offices
    • Corridors
    • Schools
    • Retail
    • Carparks
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