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    RS PRO Portable Fans

    RS is proud to present the RS PRO range of portable fans. High-quality and great value fans that are built to last. Our portable fans are suitable for wide variety of applications, be it keeping cool at your desk or improving air flow and circulation in industrial environments, were confident that within our range you will find the perfect fan to suit your need.

    What different types of Portable Fans are available?

    RS PRO portable fans come in a variety of different types including free standing, tower and industrial floor fans through to USB powered desk fans.

    Desk Fans (or table fans)

    Often smaller, more compact and quieter that their more powerful counterparts. Desk fans are highly portable. Ideal for providing localised air circulation and cooling where needed without generating large amounts of noise that may disturb others. Great for use at work on your desk to keep cool.

    Pedestal Fans (or standing fans)

    Similar in design to desk fans pedestal fans operate through an oscillating action, however unlike desk fans pedestal fans are designed to be free standing and are adjustable in height for more directed air flow. Great for providing air circulation to small offices or cabins and for keeping the conservatory cool in the summer.

    Tower Fans

    Tall slim upright fans that blow air throughout the height of their design. Quieter than most other types of fans and perfect for use in limited floor space due to their compact footprint. Great for whisper quiet airflow and capable of providing cooling to a larger area than desk and pedestal fans their size.

    Floor Fans

    If its cooling a larger area or creating substantial airflow then you may wish to invest in a floor fan. Typically larger and more powerful than other fan types the floor fan is perfect for offices, garages and workshops. RS PRO even has a range of heavy duty floor fans for use in factories, warehouses and in harsh industrial environments.

    What should I consider when buying a Portable Fan?

    There are many different considerations when buying a fan and they can vary greatly depending on the application and the setting. However, one key consideration should always be how big is the area I want to cool and what is the area used for? This will determine the power and airflow of the fan you wish to invest in.

    If you are looking for direct cooling at a desk, study or booth then a desk fan may be exactly what you need. If it is to cover a group of desks or a small room, then you may want to look at a rotating pedestal or tower fan with variable speed settings.

    If you are looking at cooling or improving circulation in a large area, then a floor fan may be what youre looking for. However, floor fans although impressive are usually noisy. Ideal for the garage, not so great in a busy office.

    Why buy an RS PRO portable fan?

    We have fans available in an array of styles fit for all sorts of environments, and as part of our own brand we can guarantee they have been tried and rigorously tested before were confident enough to give them the RS Seal of Approval.

    Whether youre looking for a something to cool down in the summer months or a heavy duty floor fan fit for an industrial use, then RS PRO has it.

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