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    Rittal Filter Fans

    Filter fans are designed to act as air conditioning devices, that protect sensitive electrical equipment and components, by keeping them well-ventilated and cool. We have a high-quality range of filter fans for you to choose from, bought to you in partnership with Rittal, a trusted manufacturer of electrical enclosures that are suitable for use in industrial settings. Rittal filter fanscome as complete fan units, meaning they can be easily installed on surfaces, without the need for any tools. Heat is constantly removed from the enclosure, ensuring they stay cool and maintain an air throughput from 20-900 m3/h.

    Do Rittal filter fans have an ingress protection rating?

    Yes, the filter fans come with an IP54 rating as standard. It is possible to upgrade the ingress protection rating to IP56 if required.

    What applications are Rittal filter fans suitable for?

    Rittal filter fans are designed for industrial use and are suitable for applications such as retrofit installations, where the high density of equipment may result in the development of excessive heat. In such applications, Rittal filter fans will ensure that the equipment is kept cool, making sure the installation is safe.

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