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    Wall Mounted Fans

    We offer a range of wall mounted fans for use in a commercial environment. Wall mounted fans are ideal for keeping the environment cool. They are perfect for using in commercial premises such as pubs, restaurants, offices, gymnasiums, and hotels.

    Benefits of a Wall Mounted Fan?

    Wall mounted fans are ideal for space saving, as they are mounted onto a wall, enabling you to get all the benefits from a fan, without compromising on floor space. Equally as they are wall mounted, many fans are conveniently remote controlled, enabling you to make speed and setting adjustments at your convenience.

    Some fans come with a timer function, meaning you can programme your fan accordingly and have peace of mind that it will not be left on when not needed.

    Are Wall Mounted Fans easy to install?

    You obviously need to check the size of your fan first, however, most wall mounted fans are light in weight, making them easy to install on a suitable wall bracket.

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