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    Extractor Fans

    Extractor Fans

    What are Extractor Fans?

    Extractor fans are also known as Exhaust Fans, Kitchen Extractor Fans or Bathroom Extractor Fans, Wall Fans or Window Fans. They are designed to provide ventilation to remove moisture, fumes and unwanted odours from the air to improve the air quality.

    Ventilation and good air quality is incredibly important in domestic and commercial properties and Extractor Fans significantly reduce condensation and provide ventilation in the kitchen, bathroom, shower room, wet room, and laundry room, extending the longevity of these rooms. It is also now a legal requirement to have an extractor fan in new buildings.

    The airflow of a fan is measured as cubic feet per hour (m³/h) and is an essential factor when deciding on which type of fan you require. A large variety of Extractor Fans are available in a range of styles and colours to suit all room sizes and locations.

    Although some Extractor Fans are slightly noisy, therefore many Extractor Fans have been innovatively designed to be silent. Most fans come with a mounting kit, pull cord or automatic shutter options and some have special features such as humidistat, timers and remote controls.

    Basic types of Extractor Fans:

    • Axial fans – the most common type of Extractor Fan, they are usually wall-mounted to internal walls and depending on the cavity depth, these wall mounted fans require ducting to reach the exterior wall.
    • Centrifugal extractor fans – are mostly ceiling mounted and are generally found in commercial and industrial environments that need elongated ducting and can be noisy.
    • Inline extractor fan – can be axial or centrifugal but they are not installed on walls and ceilings but found in the loft space above a ceiling.

    Where to place Extractor Fans?

    • Kitchen – removes cooking smells, steam and traps grease, providing a healthier environment for making and consuming food
    • Bathroom – to provide ventilation and reduce condensation from the steam after a hot shower or bath. This prevents damp and mouldy patches which can cause health problems as unventilated conditions are ideal for bacteria to live.
    • Shower rooms or wet rooms – bathroom ceiling extractor fans remove moisture from showering
    • Window – some window fans can be mounted directly onto the window, but a special kit is required for these window vents

    RS stocks a wide range of top-quality extractor fans, wall-mounted extractor fans and ceiling-mounted extractor fans manufactured by leading suppliers such as Vent-Axia, Unelvent and Xpelair and of course, RS PRO. Browse our broad range of Extractor Fans and order today for next day delivery.

    Extractor Fans can help support a healthy building by improving Air Quality

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