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    Smart Torque Wrenches

    A Smart torque wrench is an advanced tool which features an electronic digital display and sensors to provide accurate torque readings along with smart features and connectivity options. As with digital torque wrenches torque settings can be programmed and adjusted using the display which may offer other functionalities such as angle measurements, time stamps and pass/fail indicators. In addition to this smart torque wrenches can also log and store torque data and operator information which can be retrieved from the wrench itself or wirelessly to a connected device for further analysis. The main feature of a smart torque wrench is its connectivity and ability to be integrated with other devices or systems such as smartphones and tablets using WiFi or Bluetooth. Software provided with smart wrenches enables advanced settings to be configured and torque data to exported in various formats for integration into other systems. Some smart torque wrenches have remote monitoring and control capabilities allowing supervisors to monitor quality control, ensure compliance and send real time alerts to the user steamlining torque related processes. Smart torque wrenches are used in industries where precise torque control and data management are important, including automotive, aerospace, energy, and other assembly or maintenance applications.

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