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    Long Reach Hex Keys (Long Reach Allen Keys)

    A long-reach Allen key features an especially elongated side, providing easier access to hex bolts and sockets that are more deeply recessed or located in otherwise tricky-to-access spaces.

    Our range of long-reach Allen keys are manufactured by leading brands like Irwin, Stanley, Bahco, GearWrench, Wiha Tools, Facom, RS PRO, and of course the original trademark designer, Allen.

    How would you use a long reach hex key?

    Where the additional access provided by a long-reach hex wrench is needed, you'd use the more elongated side as the ‘driver', and the shorter side therefore becomes the handle that you turn to tighten or loosen the fastener. However, when a hex bolt is within easy reach and there's plenty of space to work in, long-arm Allen keys can also be handy used in the reverse configuration - the longer side can help provide better grip and torque when operating as a handle.

    What types of long reach Allen keys are available?

    Long-reach Allen keys are a common feature of most good quality hex key sets, which tend to include a useful range of common wrench sizes and diameters (typically from around 1-1.5mm, up to 12mm and beyond).

    Like all hex wrenches, long-reach Allen keys are also sold with a variety of head and handle types for various more specialised applications - these can include:

    • Folding hex keys, for added convenience in storage and transit
    • Multi-way Allen wrenches
    • Screwdriver handle or straight hex key sets
    • P-head Allen keys
    • Square head hex keys
    • T-handle Allen keys, for more comfortable grip and easier torque
    • Ball head hex wrenches, for more convenient positioning in tighter spaces
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