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    Wera Allen Key Sets | Wera Hex Key Sets

    Wera is a leading German company that specialises in the manufacture of screwdriving and torque hand tools and has done for many decades to arrive at the stellar global reputation it holds today. Wera Allen key sets or Wera hex key sets are often found in the toolboxes of both professional and DIY enthusiasts owing to their excellent quality and durability. Wera Allen key sets contain Allen keys that are made from high quality materials with durable and hardwearing tips that snugly fit into the head of the fastener without any stripping or slipping. Wera Allen keys use a unique chamfered profile called Hex-Plus which prevents the sharp edges of the Allen key engaging directly with the corners of the hex socket preventing the socket from being rounded off or damaged. The Hex-Plus design also allows increased torque to be applied as the chamfered edges allow a larger contact area between the hex key and the hex socket making tightening and loosening screws easier. The handles of the Allen keys in Wera Allen key sets have a smooth, comfortable surface and some are colour coded to make identification quick and easy. The sets are supplied with clips or small racks to keep all the Allen keys in one place allowing instant access to the size required. Wera Allen key sets are available as both L-shaped Allen key sets and T Handle Allen key sets in a range of sizes both metric and imperial.

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