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    File Sets

    File sets are a group of file tools in different shapes and sizes that come in a set. These sets contain files that are used to remove fine amounts of material from a workpiece. A file is mostly handheld and is a length of metal with teeth cut into at least one of its sides that is used for shaping or smoothing off a piece of material by cutting away some of it. Files are shaped rectangular, square, triangular or round cross-section.

    Files are used for:

    • Metalworking
    • Woodwork
    • Plastic
    • Sharpen of other tools such as saws and knives
    • Precise finishes on small parts

    Files can be used to remove unwanted sharp slivers from a piece of metal that are left along its corners after it has been cut or sharpened.

    Types of Files

    The main types of file are engineers files, needle files and thread files, but there are also many other kinds available, such as:

    • Mill files
    • Veneer knife files
    • Taper saw files
    • Double ended saw files
    • Crosscut files
    • Chainsaw files
    • Auger bit files
    • Flat files
    • Circular round files

    They differ from materials, sizes, shapes, cuts and tooth configuration and file sets can include them all in one.

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