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    Hacksaw Blades

    Hacksaw blades are slim, fine-toothed blades specifically for use with hacksaws and are made from metal, including tungsten steel, carbon steel and high-speed steel. They are designed for cutting thin materials, such as other metals, thin woods and plastics. The blades are measured by Teeth Per Inch (TPI) and our stock of hacksaw blades ranges from 14 to 32 TPI, covering a multitude of application requirements. Typically, the higher the TPI number, the shorter the gap between the teeth along the cutting edge and the smaller the teeth on the blade. We recommend our range is used for material thicknesses of at least 0.8 mm to at least 1.8 mm.

    What are Hacksaws Used For?

    Hacksaws are a popular tool and are commonly used in a range of industries and applications. Engineers, plumbers and electricians often have hacksaws in their tool collection in order to cut through plastic water pipes, metal and plastic conduits, tubing or trunking, but they can also be used by gardeners or farmers to trim, cut or prune trees, bushes or shrubs. Household DIY projects that use thin wood, metal or plastic can also require a hacksaw, though this will depend on the size of the project.

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