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    Pad Saw Blades

    Pad saw blades are long and narrow blades that are often used for cutting small, awkward features into light building materials, such as plasterboard. Depending on your saw type, there are fixed and retractable pad saw blades available. The blades are measured by Teeth Per Inch (TPI), with the higher TPI number meaning the shorter the gap between the teeth along the cutting edge and the smaller the teeth on the blade.

    What are Pad Saws used for?

    Pad saws are typically used in carpentry, workshops, construction, demolition & rescue work, and can be commonly found in the tool collections of DIY enthusiasts. Fitted in either a wooden or metal handle, pad saw blades are ideal for cutting smaller features in awkward or restricted locations. They also allow small interior shapes and interior circles to be cut into materials without having to drill an initial hole first, making for cleaner work.

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