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    Eaton Memshield MCBs

    Guard against overcurrents and short circuits with the Eaton MCBs from the Memshield range. If you need steadfast, safe, and high-performance protection for electrical power distribution systems, Memshield is the ideal choice. Eaton's offer includes MCBs with 1 – 3 poles, positive contact indication (red = on, green = off) B and C tripping types, and DIN rail mounting, so you can select the right MCB to suit your requirements.

    What's an MCB?

    An MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is a type of safety device used in electrical systems. Its purpose is to interrupt the flow of electricity if it detects an anomaly or excessive current, thereby preventing damage to wiring and equipment or electrical hazards such as fires. Unlike fuses, MCBs can be reset after tripping, so you won't need to replace them after one trip. You can find these devices widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

    Eaton have an extensive portfolio of power distribution products at RS to choose from. Their products are designed to handle the challenges of modern day applications, so you can rely on them for a diverse range of installations.

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