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    Frame Fixings

    Frame Fixings are heavy duty cross recess screws which come with a nylon Rawl plug

    Their long shaft gives rigidity and additional grip strength into the wall or post to maintain strength over time.


    Always ensure the correct hole size both in width and depth is drilled prior to using a frame fixing as the incorrect hole size can cause failure leading to a loose or unstable frame.

    Always consider the thickness of your frame plus and frame and wall gap when purchasing frame fixings and refer to frame guides to ensure you have enough fixing in the wall or post for a safe and secure fixing.


    They are a range of Frame Fixings that are suitable for mounting UPVC door and window frames into the following materials:

    • Concrete

    • Hollow Block

    • Masonry

    • Metal

    • Natural Stone

    • Sand-Lime Brick

    • Solid Block

    • Solid Brick

    • Thermal Insulation Blocks

    • Wood

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