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    Roofing Bolts

    Roofing bolts are a type of bolt that is manufactured with a large flat head, sometimes known as a mushroom head, making them ideal for affixing to thin materials. The wide surface area of their head allows the holding force of the bolt to be spread further than a standard bolt, meaning a secure holding that is less likely to damage the material it is affixed to when under stress.

    The bolts are typically fully threaded, complementing their suitability to thin material applications. Normally supplied with a square nut for easy tightening, these bolts are as versatile as they are easy to use, with wide slots on the head that can accommodate both flat head and cross head screwdrivers.

    Uses for Roofing Bolts

    Though called roofing bolts, these bolts are in fact used for a wide array of different purposes, and are commonly employed when joining metal surfaces.


    The RS Range of roofing bolts are bright zinc plated, meaning they are well protected from corrosion and suitable for outdoor environments.

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