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    M4 Countersunk Screws

    All of our machine screws are designed and manufactured for robust, secure fastening of metal parts and components. M4 countersunk screws are among the most commonly requested and universally adaptable types of machine screw we sell.

    M4 countersunk screws are ideal for a very wide range of uses, and available in most popular drive types including both pozi and slotted heads for compatibility with almost any modern screwdriver set or drill bit set. They come in a range of metals, coatings or finishes, at standard metric lengths ranging from 4mm to 50mm and beyond. M4 is an especially common metric sizing, referring to a 4mm major diameter of the threaded screw or bolt shaft.

    How is a countersunk screw different from a non-countersunk screw?

    • Countersunk (or countersink) screws are designed to sit flush with the surface they're being driven into after fastening, meaning they don't protrude from the surface you've just screwed them into
    • Instead, they sit level with the surface (or slightly recessed, depending on the application and finish required)
    • Countersink screws are very often used on surfaces that will need to have objects or items placed on them later, and therefore need to remain stable and flush after finishing
    • They're also widely used wherever a neater look and smoother, more professional finished feel is desired, such as in many types of furniture and household fastenings
    • This sleeker appearance can be further enhanced by using a screw cap - or some other type of plug or patch - to cover over the area where the screw head remains visible
    • In order to achieve this flush finish, countersunk screws are designed with an angled or chamfered underside to their head (commonly 82.5 or 89.9 degrees)
    • This helps to guide the screw deeper into the surface material, rather than butting up against the surface as a flat-headed screw tends to
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