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    Soap Dispensers

    A soap dispenser, also known as liquid soap dispensers and hand soap dispensers are important in any washroom, commercial or industrial environment where maintaining hygiene is vital. A dispenser is more hygienic than a bar of soap and can help with stopping the spread of a virus. Soap dispensers dispense different forms of hand cleaners from liquid soap, foam, gel, handwash liquid, sanitiser all available in various sizes and volumes from 400 ml upwards to 4-litre refills. Our range of soap dispensers includes anti-bacterial dispensers which have anti-microbial protection on the outer casing and dispensing levers, with pump-action, preventing the spread of bacteria and infections. This range of soap dispensers are ideal for the food industry. Soap dispensers are normally mounted on a wall plus also available in freestanding designs and work well not only in a bathroom but also a shower.

    How Do Soap Dispensers Work?

    Loaded with a convenient refill cartridge, a wall-mounted soap dispenser delivers a measure of soap when activated by either a battery-operated sensor or manually press or push a button or lever.

    Automatic or Manual?

    While manual soap dispensers present a cost-effective and low maintenance hygiene solution, automatic, or 'touch-free' soap dispensers (battery operated), have advantages in that they do not need to be touched by hands, and so reduce the potential spread of bacteria.

    Dispenser Benefits?

    Cost-effective (better than a standard bar of soap). Refillable (all refill sizes available). Anti-bacterial models are available. Easily mounted to any wall. Suitable for any washroom or bathroom (including a shower). Range of colours from black, white, chrome and stainless steel. Various sizes and top brands of hand dispenser available. Automatic and manual dispenser (pump action).

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