Hand Creams & Barrier Creams

When considering a Hand Cream or barrier cream, it is important to ensure you are using the right cream. Hand Creams are applied to the hands to protect, moisturise and soften the skin. A barrier cream is applied to your hands providing protection, an extra barrier preventing contamination from oil, grease, chemicals, dirt and even bleach. Barrier creams are also used in the medical profession as part of PPE.

Hand cream or hand lotions moisturise your hands, forming a protective barrier from the elements, soothing irritation, re-hydrating your hands. Hand cream is different from body lotion or cream, as your hands require special care. At work or home we are washing our hands with soap and water, keeping them clean and sanitised, especially when working with food. Some hand sanitisers can dry out and irritate t your hands, using a barrier cream or hand cream, which includes a moisturiser, should be part of your daily hand protection routine maintaining the health for your skin.

Always follow the manufacturer’s advice and do not use a hand or barrier cream on your face or elsewhere on your body unless otherwise directed. Always check the hand or barrier cream allergies for advice (especially if you are allergic to silicon) and dermatology testing.

Why apply hand cream or a barrier cream?

  • Repairs and restores the delicate skin.
  • Improves skin condition.
  • Hide signs of ageing.
  • Moisturise and form a protective barrier.
  • Prevents irritation, chapping, cracking of skin.
  • Can have anti-bacterial properties.
  • Barrier cream provides and extra protection from bacteria and other harmful products affecting the skin.

When to use hand or barrier cream?

Using hand or barrier cream depends on how often you wash your hands, wash up or apply hand sanitiser . Cream is applied when the hands are feeling dry or dehydrated and when you need additional protection from materials that may damage your hands.

Hand cream and barriers creams are available in various sizes and packaging from 100 ml to 800 ml and larger, plus supplied in bottles, pouches, re-fills, tubes, with or without a fragrance.

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RS Stock No. 914-8325
Mfr. Part No.UPW100MLRS
Branddeb stoko
1 Hand Cream 100 mL Tube Unscented
RS Stock No. 202-8550
Mfr. Part No.420202
1 Box of 8
1 General Purpose 475 ml Cartridge Unscented
RS Stock No. 460-9099
Mfr. Part No.CRC34O
Branddeb stoko
1 Skin Cream 700 ml Cartridge Unscented
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