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    Tork Hand Creams & Barrier Creams

    When choosing a Tork hand cream or barrier cream, it is crucial that you choose the right cream. For instance, if you require extra protection to prevent materials like bleach, grease, chemicals, and dirt from drying out your hands, then a barrier cream would help with this. Whereas, if you are looking for a cream to moisturise, repair, and restore cracking or irritated skin, then a Tork hand cream is a great solution.

    Tork hand creams, also referred to as hand lotions, hydrate your hands by forming a protective barrier, further soothing dry irritation, moisturising and softening your hands. Whether you are at work, many daily activities require washing and cleaning your hands, which can dry the skin out. So, applying a Tork hand or barrier cream can prevent your hands from dehydrating and becoming irritated. Although hand cream is different from body cream or lotion, Tork offers dermatologically tested hand creams that can be suitable for body application, too – please note to only apply hand cream to the body if the specific product states that it is suitable for body application as well as hand application.

    Why apply hand cream or a barrier cream?

    • Hydrates the skin and improves dry conditions.
    • Helps repair and restore cracked or delicate skin.
    • Moisturise and form a protective barrier.
    • Deters future cracking or irritation of the skin.
    • Can have anti-bacterial properties for enhanced hygiene.
    • Can be fragrance-free which is great for sensitive skin.
    • Some, if specified, can be used on the body as well as hands.

    When should you use hand or barrier cream?

    Whenever you wash your hands or after the use of hand sanitiser, you can apply Tork hand cream afterwards. Whilst ensuring that your skin is thoroughly dry before applying, applying hand cream after washing your hands or using hand sanitiser can prevent the skin from becoming sensitive, dry, or cracked. If your hands are simply feeling dry, then hydrating you skin with Tork hand cream will help relieve and restore your hands.

    If you require extra protection from materials and contaminants that can potentially dehydrate the skin on your hands, then a barrier cream can be applied to adhere to this.

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