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    Lubricants SKF

    Did you know that poor lubrication accounts for over 36% of premature bearing failures? Did you also know that SKF test and validate each production batch of lubricants so that they can be sure they are offering excellent lubricant quality for all of their customers around the world? SKF lubricants are designed with your needs in mind and tested for performance in real applications. SKF's experience with bearings, lubricants and applications helps them to offer the right lubricants for your applications and improve your overall lubrication experience.

    When to use a lubricant?

    A lubricant is a substance that when applied to a component of an item of machinery, helps to reduce friction, heat, and wear between the solid surfaces that are in contact with each other. Through the use of appropriate lubricant, the friction and wear of materials can be controlled and therefore provide a reliable operation and contribute to less service downtime and money spent on maintenance. SKF offer a multitude of lubricants to match your requirement, these range from grease lubricants, lithium lubricants to oil lubricants and industrial lubricants.

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