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    Silicone Lubricants

    All lubricants aim to reduce friction, heat and unwanted wear between moving solid surfaces that need to be held in direct contact with each other.

    Silicone lubricants are among the most popular types of lubricating products, suitable for use in a wide range of engineering and industrial production scenarios. As with all lubricants, silicone greases, sprays and pastes are primarily designed to for application in thin layers between two or more contacting surfaces, such as fast-moving machinery components or tools and workpieces.

    How do silicone lubricants differ from other types of lubricating product?

    • Silicone lubricants tend to have a wider useful operating temperature range than many equivalent petroleum-based greases and lubricating products - they're less volatile and more stable at higher temperatures but remain highly fluid and workable at lower ones
    • They're easily manufactured to a wide range of textures and weights, depending on whether a particular application or machine type calls for light, medium or heavy-bodied greases and fluids
    • As well as effectively lubricating parts and surfaces, silicone sprays, greases, pastes and liquids can also offer a useful degree of electrical insulation, and tend to maintain impressive performance under more demanding industrial pressures and loads
    • Silicone lubricants tend to be resistant to water, non-reactive to most chemicals and substances, and don't oxidise willingly under extreme temperatures, making them a highly adaptable and flexible choice for a diverse range of environments and applications

    Choosing the most appropriate formula of lubrication product for the task, machinery type and environment in question is important in terms of achieving optimal results and longevity of parts. Overall friction and wear on materials and tools can be effectively controlled and greatly reduced when using the type of lubricant for the job, leading to more reliable and efficient operation in the workplace (not to mention far less money spent on maintenance and repair.

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