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    Dust Pans & Brushes

    A dustpan and brush combination is a staple cleaning up tool for most professionals and can be used in a wide variety of industries as well as in the home. A dustpan features a flat scoop with a short or long handle which you sweep dust and dirt from the floor and usually accompanied with a brush or broom as a set. Dustpans and brushes are easy to store, making them convenient for tidying up. Replacement handles and brush/broom heads allow for further flexibility for when conditions change.

    RS offers a great range of dustpans and brushes for indoor and outdoor use. Our dustpan and brushes can be brought either as a set or sold separately to meet all your janitorial and cleaning requirements to keep environments clean and tidy and free from dirt and debris.

    Dustpans and Brush Applications

    A dustpan and brush set are suitable for sweeping up heavy rubble use, dust, debris, dirt and garden waste. They are very versatile and can be used in various environments including factories, kitchens, offices as well as in a domestic area. These are highly versatile in clearing up the surface. Heavy bristled brushes are used when you have a large amount of rubble or waste to tidy up. Soft bristled brushes are mainly used for lighter materials and a more refined cleaning up process.

    Types of Dustpans and Brushes include:

    • High quality short handed plastic dustpan and brush sets
    • Long handled dustpan and brush set - the long handle makes sweeping more comfortable as no bending down is neededLobby upright dustpans
    • Metal large hooded dustpan
    • Soft bristle hand brushes and brooms
    • Various colours - colour coding avoids the risk of cross contamination
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