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    Eurocards is a European standard format for PCB board (Printed Circuit Board) which can be plugged together into a standardised sub rack. The Eurocard format is used across many industries, including factory equipment, computer equipment, industrial controls, military and many more. PCB covers are also available which are designed to protect PCBs and the components attached to them from damage.

    The Eurocard is a mechanical system and does not define the specific connector to be used or the signals that are assigned to connector contacts. The connector systems that are commonly used with the Eurocard architectures including the original DIN 41612 connector that is also standardised as IEC 60603.3. The most popular size of the Eurocard is a single size but there are 2 other available on the market.

    Types of Eurocards

    They are interchangeable and there is no need to change or replace the overall mounting system to accommodate new hardware. Sizes include:

    • Single Size (100 mm x 160 mm x 1.6 mm)bb
    • Double Size (233.4 mm x 160 mm x 1.6 mm)
    • Half Size (100 mm x 80 mm x 1.6 mm)

    How do PCB covers work?

    PCB covers are used to protect the component side of a PCB from damage caused by impact or contaminants. They also lend a finished look to your circuit. They usually have perforations in each corner so that they can be attached securely to the board. PCB covers can be used in most circuits, but you might need a certain type for your specific needs.

    Types of PCB covers

    Choosing a PCB cover comes down to the kind of PCB you want to cover. PCB covers come in different sizes and some feature cut out sections so that they can fit over the PCB while leaving specific sections uncovered for easy access. They can also have an insulating coating in the inside and a conductive outer coating, and may be anti-static to prevent the build up of static electricity.

    For more information, please see oureurocards guide.

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