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    Brass Sheets

    Brass sheets are sometimes referred to as brass plates, it is an alloy metal that is made of copper and zinc. Brass is a relatively soft metal; it is versatile and easy to form into shapes by hand or machine and the material offers great weldability. Brass CZ108 (CW508L) is a high-grade alpha alloy construction that has good corrosion resistance. Brass sheets type BS2874/CZ121M (1986) BS EN 12164/CW614N alloy have resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. The solid form metal plates are presented in two colours yellow and natural finish.

    The brass sheets are ideal for copper smithing applications, signage, door plates and kickers. In addition to, the construction of radiators and heat exchangers and the electrical industry. The metal sheets are suitable for cold/hot working, welding, brazing and soldering applications. Brass sheets are available in various sizes and thicknesses from 0.45mm up to 1.6mm.

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