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    Rittal Enclosure Mounting

    Rittal is a well-established, family-owned company that prides itself with determination and strength within the innovative world. Rittal aims to create high-quality, long-lasting products. Enclosure mounting refers to items and accessories that are used to mount enclosures to a specific surface, wall, or area. The various types of electrical enclosures can be mounted depending upon the type of application and purpose. For instance, wall mounted enclosures are utilised to protect the electrical enclosures within the environment where they are required to be stored off the ground. A main advantage of this is that it also helps save space.

    RS offer a range of enclosure mounting accessories manufactured from Rittal. These items include mounting blocks, mounting brackets, mounting plates, and mounting kits. Rittal enclosure mounting accessories are available in an array of different dimensions, that are versatile and adaptable for a variety of enclosures. These forms of enclosure mounting types have been manufactured in an array of materials including aluminium, copper, polycarbonate, plastic, and steel.

    Rittal enclosure brackets, blocks, frames, and plates are tailored to support the required enclosures. Useful for a range of applications to help enhance internal configurations. The required screws and fasteners will also be provided to ensure the ease of assembly. Browse RS for a range of Rittal enclosure mounting items available with free next day delivery.

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