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    Enclosure Mounting Plates

    The main purpose of enclosure mounting plates is to support and organize the installation of equipment, devices, and components within an enclosure. They offer a standardized mounting platform that simplifies the installation process and ensures proper alignment and positioning of the mounted items.

    What are the features and benefits of Mounting plates?

    • Mounting Holes: The plates have pre-drilled holes or slots that allow for easy attachment of equipment and devices.
    • Cable Management: Mounting plates often include various openings and cutouts for cable entry and management
    • Component Mounting: Mounting plates provide a secure surface for attaching components like circuit breakers, power supplies, relays, switches, and other electrical or electronic devices.
    • Structural Support: In addition to mounting equipment, the plates also provide structural reinforcement to the enclosure.
    • Customisation Options: Enclosure mounting plates can be customized or modified to meet specific requirements.

     RS stocks a wide range of mounting plates from leading suppliers such as Schneider Electric, Fibox, Hammond, nVent HOFFMAN, Rose and Rittal. Browse our range today.

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