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    Enclosure Accessories

    Enclosure accessories are all of the parts you need to use with an enclosure you are installing. The accessories complement the enclosure allowing you to adapt your enclosure to meet specific requirements and uses. An enclosure is a piece of equipment used to protect and house different types of hardware and equipment from electrical, electronic, industrial and many other devices where protection is important.

    What are Enclosure Accessories used for?

    Enclosure accessories are used for a range of functions from attaching parts to an enclosure to mounting parts of the enclosure and even installation. They are versatile pieces of equipment that can adapt an enclosure to meet the user's requirements and equipment storage functions. 

    Types of Enclosure Accessories:

    There are many types of enclosure accessories available. Some of the endless lists of accessories and components available include Air Vents and Cooling Accessories, Blanking Plates and Wall Mounting Equipment, Cable Management, Covers, Lids, Connection Pins, Connection Terminals and Connectors. Screw Kits, Enclosures Rails, Doors, Retainers and Shelves Covers Bolts, Flanges, Panel Kits, Gaskets, Cam Locks and Hinges Infrared Equipment, Keylocks, Handles, Keypads, Lighting kits and Switches PCB Equipment and Enclosure Security End Covers and Sealing Kits, Stabilizing Parts, Terminal Equipment, Test Adapters and Sockets.

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