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    Rack Mounting Hardware

    Rack mounting hardware includes the tools and components used in mounting 19-inch racks and subracks. There is a wide range of mounting hardware used for this purpose, differing according to the rack accessory it is used with and the specific task to be completed. When putting building your 19-inch rack ensure you have the correct hardware necessary to complete the mounting. This can be supplied as a hardware pack, mounting pack, or as individual components specific to your rack unit.

    What is rack mounting hardware used for?

    Rack mounting hardware is used to attach 19-inch racks to walls or other surfaces. This may be for space-saving purposes, or to accommodate specific storage needs for a piece of equipment. 19-inch racks are used for a variety of purposes, but they are broadly utilised for storing modules of electronic equipment, such as audio, telecom or lighting equipment.

    Types of rack mounting hardware?


    There is a wide range of rack mounting hardware and hardware accessories, including:


    Rack screws, to affix a rack to its wall mount, server racks, network servers, power distribution units, routers, switches, including fixing rack cable management.

    Rack brackets, connecting brackets, providing a frame for mounting a rack case or server cabinet.

    Flanges, which provide a lip for the rack to slot into.

    Rack assembly kits, cable management rings, cabling fames, rack floor mount kits, including rack mounting angles, blocks including a range of rack mount shelving and vented rack shelving.

    Feet and casters, necessary for keeping the rack off the floor, adjustable height management, effortless movement and transport.

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