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    Crimp Terminal Housings

    Crimp terminal Housing provides insulation, guarding equipment and operators against damage or injury caused by electrical current. Another common name for a crimp terminal cover is crimp terminal boot

    How does crimp terminal Housing work?

    Crimp terminal Housing is an important safety measure when working with terminals They usually slide off the terminal as the wire is being fastened into place; once the wire is secure, they are then slid back over the top of the wire. However, some are permanently fixed in place.

    Types of crimp terminal Housing

    Crimp terminal Housing is used with a variety of connectors, such as coaxial, receptacle and tab connectors.

    Crimp terminal housing covers are made from materials selected for their insulating qualities. This includes plastic, such as nylon, PVC and PA, and various rubbers like silicone rubber. The bodies of these covers can also be made from metals such as brass, phosphor bronze and stainless steel. Covers are usually colour-coded, so that you can distinguish between them easily when working with complex wiring systems.

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