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    Blade Terminals

    Crimp blade terminals are solderless, single-wire electrical connections used for the termination of stranded wires.

    On one side of the terminals is a metal cradle that resembles a blade, into which stripped wires are inserted. On the other side is a Y-shaped connection that's attached to a power source. The wires are cold-welded to the crimp blade terminals using a special crimp tool.

    What are crimp blade terminals used for?

    These terminals are typically seen on electric lights and other fixtures around the home.

    The benefits of using crimp blade terminals include:

    • They provide gas-tight connections. This gives protection against corrosion because oxygen and moisture cannot reach the metal parts of the fixtures.
    • No soldering is needed, so the connection joint is more mechanically robust.
    • Both small and large cross-section cables can be crimped, which offers versatility for a wide range of applications.

    Types of crimp blade terminals

    Insulated terminals have a funnel shape sleeve, made from PVC. The conductor strands are completely inserted into the crimp barrel, which prevents them from pulling out. Less bulky uninsulated terminals come without sleeves and are mainly used for printed circuit boards.

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