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    Weidmuller DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

    Weidmuller DIN rail terminal blocks are an important part of any electrical cabinet or industrial rack. Their primary purpose is to protect electrical systems and all the complex equipment surrounding them.

    What are Weidmuller Terminal Blocks Used For?

    DIN rail terminal blocks are used to connect the wiring from one assembled piece of equipment to another, creating a complete circuit. By using a terminal block, you are protecting, grounding, and isolating other components used in the electrical circuit.

    The DIN rail terminal blocks are clipped onto globally standardised rails which form the electrical cabinet or assemblies. They are commonly used across industry due to the vital part they play.

    Weidmuller DIN Rail Terminal Block Features:

    • Cost saving – relatively inexpensive when compared to other connector types
    • Easy to connect the wires up which saves you time
    • Keeps expensive electrical equipment safe
    • User safety - no exposure to the possibility of a shock or a loose connection

    Typical Applications:

    Weidmuller DIN rail terminal blocks can be used across a host of industry in electrical systems and applications such as energy management, power supplies, telecommunications, building management as well as heating and air conditioning.

    How do I use a Weidmuller Terminal Block?

    To use a terminal block connector, you need to fit it to your existing DIN rail. After selecting a suitable connector, clip it to the rail and then mount the equipment panels or enclosures, then connect the wires.

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