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    Weidmuller DIN Rail Terminal Accessories

    We stock an extensive range of Weidmuller DIN rail terminal accessories which all do a unique job of supporting and complimenting the DIN rail terminals and blocks.

    What are Weidmuller DIN Rail Terminal Accessories used for?

    DIN rail terminal accessories are an array of products, all that work to fulfil a specific function. These accessories include end plates, covers and stops, jumper bars, marker strips, cross connectors, busbar, test adapters, fixing screws, sockets and many more and are all designed to suit many applications.

    These accessories work with Weidmuller's vast range of products and each accessory does its own important job. End plates, for example offer protection from environmental particles such as dust, dirt and water, anything which could inhibit functionality. End brackets prevent any sliding along the DIN rail. Jumper bars are metal tubes used to connect terminal blocks that have the same spacing.

    Weidmuller DIN Rail Terminal Accessories Features:

    • Enhance the functionality of DIN rail terminals
    • All accessories are designed to perform their own unique function
    • Complement existing parts within the DIN rail terminal
    • Enable advanced functionality

    Typical Applications:

    Weidmuller DIN rail terminal accessories can be used across a wide range of industry within electrical systems and applications such as cables & wires, enclosures and server racks, power supplies, telecommunications, building management as well as heating and air conditioning.

    Which Weidmuller DIN rail terminal accessories do I need?

    You need to have a good understanding of the exact type of systems and components you want to install around DIN rail mounts before choosing from the extensive accessories that compliment these products.

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