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    ABB DIN Rail Terminal Accessories

    ABB DIN rail terminal accessories are supplementary components used in electrical installations to facilitate the connection and enhance the functionality of wiring on DIN rail terminals. ABB are a market leading manufacturer and provide DIN rail terminal accessories to meet your requirements. For instance, the ABB SMISSLINE series offers a comprehensive range of accessories that meet the requirements of electrical installations, ensuring safety and reliability. Whether you are working on a power distribution system, automation applications, or industrial control panels, ABB has got you covered.

    How do DIN rail terminal accessories work?

    Each individual type of DIN rail terminal accessory has a unique function. There is a vast array of accessories to accommodate DIN rail terminals. Some common DIN rail terminal accessories within the ABB range, but are not limited to, include:
    • Auxiliary switches: These switches provide additional control functions, such as interlocking and signalling.
    • Busbars and busbar covers: Busbars are conductive and are used for distributing electrical power to multiple terminal blocks. The busbar covers provide protection and insulation for the busbars.
    • Circuit separators: Circuit separators prevent interference by creating electrical isolation between adjacent terminal blocks or circuits on the DIN rail.
    • Contact pins: These enable signal transmission by effectively establishing electrical connections between terminal blocks and external components.
    • Jumper bars: By assisting the parallel connection of terminals within a circuit, jumper bars are conductive and bridge connections between multiple terminal blocks.
    • Mounting clips and adapters: By maintaining stability, mounting clips and adapters securely attach accessories to the DIN rail or mounting surface.
    • Signal contacts: Signal contacts transmit low-voltage signals between components, ensuring a reliable interface for communication within electrical systems.
    • Socket bases: These bases provide a mounting point for electrical sockets, making installations and removal of plug-in components easy and efficient.
    • Terminal sockets and blocks: Terminal sockets and blocks provide connection points for electrical wires or cables, enabling the termination of wiring within electrical enclosures.
    • Universal adapters:Versatile and reliable, universal adapters accommodate different types of terminal components, providing optimum flexibility within system configurations.


    • Process control and instrumentation
    • Railway and transport systems
    • Building automation
    • Industrial control panels
    • Renewable energy systems
    • Power distribution systems
    • Data centres and telecommunications
    • Infrastructure and facilities management
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