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    Samtec Coaxial Adapters

    A Coaxial adapter is a single-piece component allowing the connection of two different pieces of equipment that cannot be joined directly.


    • Laboratory
    • Test and measurement
    • Communications
    • Base stations
    • GPS
    • LAN
    • Antennas

    What is the difference between a Samtec Coaxial Connector and Samtec Coaxial Adapter?

    • Samtec Coaxial Connector: This is a specific type of connector designed to terminate the end of a coaxial cable. Examples include F-type connectors, BNC connectors, and RCA connectors. These connectors are typically used to establish a connection between a coaxial cable and a device, such as a television, modem, or router.
    • Samtec Coaxial Adapter: An adapter is a device that allows for the interconnection of two coaxial cables or two devices with different types of coaxial connectors. For example, if you have a coaxial cable with an F-type connector and a device that uses a BNC connector, you would use a coaxial adapter to connect the two. Adapters can also be used to change genders (male to female or vice versa) or to convert between different types of connectors.

    What connectors are suitable for Sametc Coaxial Adapters?

    BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman):

    • Adapters suitable for BNC connectors feature a bayonet-style coupling mechanism, which allows for quick and secure connections without the need for tools.
    • BNC connectors are widely used in applications such as video transmission, telecommunications, and test equipment.

    HD BNC (High Density BNC):

    • HD BNC connectors are an enhanced version of the traditional BNC connector, designed to support higher frequencies and data rates.
    • HD BNC connectors typically have improved electrical performance, including lower return loss and higher bandwidth capabilities.
    • They are commonly used in high-definition video applications, broadcast equipment, and telecommunications infrastructure.

    SMP (SubMiniature Push-On):

    • SMP connectors are miniature coaxial connectors known for their compact size and high frequency performance.
    • They feature a push-on coupling mechanism, which facilitates quick and tool-less connections, similar to BNC connectors.
    • SMP connectors are designed to operate at frequencies up to several gigahertz, making them suitable for applications requiring high-speed data transmission.
    • They are commonly used in applications such as RF testing, microwave communication systems, and military/aerospace applications where space and performance are critical.
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