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    EPIC Power Connectors

    EPIC power connectors are an extensive range of industrial connectors bought to you by the LAPP group. When considering what heavy duty power connector to buy, it is important that buyers take into consideration the connectors mechanical and electrical characteristics, as well as its material composition. These factors should be considered based on the customers exact application requirements, to ensure that the correct connector is chosen. EPIC heavy duty power connectors provide connection and disconnection of signals and electrical power, within housings that are robust and suitable for harsh environments. EPIC heavy duty power connectors ensure the fast and secure assembly of machinery.

    What types of heavy duty power connectors are included in the EPIC range?

    Within the range, you will find industrial connectors constructed with various housings, inserts, glands, and contacts. A wide range of component variations make it easy to choose the ideal power connector for each application.

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