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    Phoenix Contact Heavy Duty Power Connectors

    Phoenix Contact strives themselves to be the Global market leader and innovator for electrification, networking, and automation on the path to a smart world. Phoenix Contact products are used wherever a process is automated, wherever data flows and where power is controlled. When it comes to safeguarding against dirt, mechanical stress, and moisture, heavy duty power connectors stand as the epitome of reliability. These connectors not only ensure enhanced protection but also facilitate the rapid and secure assembly of machinery, occasionally enabling the consolidation of power supply into a single connector.

    Through their high-quality insulation material these heavy duty connectors are designed to secure the transmission of high voltages. The sturdy housing allows the connector inserts to be used in harsh environmental conditions. Here at RS, we have a comprehensive array of Phoenix Contact Heavy Duty Power Connectors for you to pick from, so you can find the right terminal for your project. Choose from our range of Phoenix Contact products available at RS with free next day delivery.

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