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    Molex Wire Housings & Plugs

    Wire housings are incredibly useful when working with PCBs (printed circuit boards) as they allow you to make quick, easy and secure connections with crimped wires and other boards. Simply take a wire with a crimp terminal, clip it securely into the housing and you're ready to go.

    When working with circuits, safety and connectivity are likely to be two of your biggest considerations. Molex are experts in both fields. Boasting a huge amount of experience, they have been operating for over 80 years. Continually innovating and bringing new products to market to sit alongside their bestselling ranges, they know how to make connections that work each and every time.

    Molex Crimp Housing Series'

    The Molex Connectors range includes some of the very best known and most relied upon series available including:

    • CLIK-Mate
    • KK
    • Micro-Fit
    • Mini-Fit
    • Nano-Fit
    • PicoBlade
    • SPOX

    Bestselling Molex Headers & Wire Housings

    One of the most important things when planning out a circuit is how to maximise the space – the Molex Nano-Fit series is perfect for that. This range of fully isolated headers can provide huge savings in terms of space when compared to some of the competition. As with many of Molex's connectors they offer positive locking and feature an anti-snag design. You'll find them in home appliances, medical equipment and telecoms servers.

    Molex KK 396 connectors are ideal for automotive, industrial automation and networking applications. They are a great all-round option with a choice of sizes and power capabilities available.

    Mini-Fit housings are some of the best known on the market. As part of Molex's "Pro" range they are loaded with additional features including a self-aligning interface, polarized mating geometry and positive locking. All of these allow strong, reliable connections to be made - minimising maintenance and engineering time. With TPA2 (terminal position assurance) options also available, they are a great option when you need security and simplicity.

    Molex Micro-Fit connectors can withstand temperatures up to 125°C – ideal for domestic appliances such as freezers and washing machines or non-sealed automotive applications. There are a huge range of options available, including (BMI) blind mating for connecting in hard-to-reach places and TPA2 double locking. Micro-Fit + offers an enhanced current rating up to 13.0A and are glow wire capable, meeting EU regulations for home appliances.

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