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    Samtec Wire Housing and Plugs

    Protective Barrier Against Environmental Threats

    Samtec's crimp housings provide a crucial defence mechanism by incorporating a durable protective layer. This protective barrier shields electric connections from potential risks posed by environmental elements such as moisture, dust, and other external factors, ensuring the integrity of the electrical system. The main type of crimp housing is a PCB connector, they differ in the number of contacts it accommodates, and this can range from just one contact to over 100. They can also be made from a range of materials, depending on the level of protection required for the connector.

    Precision Engineering for Mechanical Durability

    The precision engineering of Samtec's crimp housings extends to safeguarding pins and connectors from physical stress and strain. In applications prone to vibrations, movements, or external pressures, the design of these housings limits the risk of damage to connectors, enhancing the overall durability of electrical connections. Samtec has a range of lengths and widths suited for your needs ranging from:

    • Length ranging from 4.95mm up to 60.3mm
    • Width ranging from 5mm to 12.36mm
    • Material variety of: Black Liquid Crystal Polymer, Liquid Crystal Polymer, Nylon, PBT, and Polymer

    How do they work?

    Crimp housing is moulded according to the type of PCB connector they are designed to fit. The connector is mounted onto the PCB using the crimp housings, and the housing provides some level of protection for the connection. PCB connector housings also include space for the PCB connector contacts, to allow the current of electricity to flow. The protective features of Samtec's crimp housings contribute to the prevention of electrical malfunctions and potential short circuits. By creating a secure and enclosed environment for connectors, these housings minimise the likelihood of contact with foreign objects or substances, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted.

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