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    Hirschmann DIN Connectors

    Hirschmann have a huge selection of DIN Connectors here at RS to choose from, designed to suit a variety of installations. Hirschmann is a leading Belden brand who develop data communication solutions you can depend on, even in challenging industrial areas.

    What is a DIN Connector?

    These are a type of electrical connector which uses a DIN standard. The term 'DIN' refers to the Deutsches Institut fur Normung, which is a German national standards organisation. There are various different DIN standards which categorise connectors. They typically have a round shaped housing with a circular pattern of pins (between 3 and 14) and can be male or female. The male units can be plugged into jacks, receptacles, and outlets, while the females use a socket which will accept pins from other devices. These connectors are typically used in computing, video, network and data, telephone, and audio/instrumentation applications.

    Hirschmann's range of connectors on RS feature units with 3 to 12 pins, durable PE or steel housing, and cable mount or panel mount options. Various voltage ratings are available such as 34 V, 60 V, and 250 V.

    Hirschmann's line includes a wide choice of 41524 standard models, which are ideal for sound equipment installations. Many of these units have tin plated brass contacts which offer excellent conductivity for reliable signal transmission. Some versions also use a secure screwlock mechanism which prevents accidental disconnection.

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