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    5 Pin Din Connectors

    5 Pin DIN Connectors are a type of electrical connector that have an arrangement of 5 pins in a circular pattern. These DIN connectors are commonly used for older computer keyboards.

    DIN Connectors do not refer to a certain cable but they can be identified by their DIN standard for example DIN 41524 can be used for digital and audio signals. DIN was created by the German national standards organisation and stands for Deutsches Institut fur Normung. 5 Pin DIN connectors are offered in both male and female types.

    Configuration Types

    The 5 Pin and 8 Pin connector have slightly different configurations. The 5 pin connector can come in a 270 degree (looks like the 5 side on a dice), 240 degree (looks like a U shape) and the 180 degree (looks like a small half circle) configuration. The 8 pin has a 270 degree and 260 degree orientation. There are also mini DIN connector versions which can range from 3 pin to 8 pin

    Typical Applications

    DIN connectors have multiple pins within a protective circular sheath and cables that plug into an interface to connect devices. Similar to other kinds of electrical connectors, their function is to enable a secure signal and current transmission by pairing a male half (the pins) to a female receptacle (the housing). DIN connectors can be used in various applications including audio and video to power, serial and data.

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