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    Alpha Wire Ecowire

    Experience superior electrical signal transmission in an eco-friendly cable with the Alpha Wire Ecowire series of hook up wires. Hook up wiring is typically used for internal connections in things like control panels, ovens, computers, machinery and appliances, meters, and electronic equipment.

    As experienced specialists in cabling, Alpha Wire is a leading Belden brand that provides dependable and innovative solutions for extreme environments and challenging applications. They have an extensive range to choose from here at RS which includes the innovative Ecowire series.

    Why use Ecowire?

    Ecowire is 100% recyclable and contains no hazardous materials to ensure that its environmental impact is minimised. Its benefits include excellent dielectric strength, up to 45% smaller diameter than PVC, low specific gravity, flame retardant properties, stranded or solid tinner copper conductors, and it is up to 40% lighter than other insulation materials. This series is also available in lengths of up to 100ft, so you have ample wire for your installation. These units can operate within a broad temperature range of -40 to +105°C, making them highly versatile and durable. Choose from a range of colour coded options to suit your needs.

    Find the perfect environmentally friendly wiring solution for your application with Belden Alpha Wire's Ecowire series at RS.

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