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    Alpha Wire Premium Hookup Wire

    Seeking top-tier hookup wire for your machinery and equipment? Browse the Alpha Wire Premium hookup wire range here at RS.

    The Premium range includes features such as: durable insulation materials like PVC and PTFE, wires up to 30 AWG, stranded and solid copper conductors, up to +200°C maximum operating temperature for some versions, and high flexibility due to superb bending radius. With various lengths available you can find Premium hookup wire to suit both short and long-range needs, and the wire can also be cut to size. Installation and maintenance is made easy, as these wires come in an array of different colours for identification, such as black, blue, yellow, red, green, brown, and more.

    You can use Premium hookup wire in a broad variety of applications like control cabinets, high temperature ovens, transformers, military applications, switchboards, construction equipment, and industrial machinery and tools.

    A leading brand in the Belden family, Alpha Wire stands out for their expertise in the field of cabling and connectivity solutions. With a rich century-long history they have become a respected global leader in engineering and manufacturing dependable, high-quality wiring products. For connections you can rely on even in the harshest environments, look to Alpha Wire.

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