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    Alpha Wire EcoWire Plus

    If you need an eco-friendly wiring solution that offers excellent performance, try the EcoWire Plus series from Alpha Wire.

    Here at RS we have a wide selection of EcoWire Plus hook up wire to choose from, giving you plenty of options to find the right wire for your requirements.

    EcoWire Plus includes all the benefits of the original EcoWire series along with additional resistance to hazardous oils and chemicals, making it a perfect candidate for challenging factory applications. It uses a unique modified polyphenylene ether thermoplastic. This type of insulation is non-halogenated and does not contain any heavy metal pigments to meet WEEE requirements.

    EcoWire Plus is fully recyclable and has better dielectric strength, is up to 40% lighter, and up to 45% smaller.

    Alpha Wire, a Belden brand, are a leading specialist in flexible automation cabling and provide innovative connectivity solutions for extreme environments and challenging applications. Founded in 1922, Alpha Wire has a huge portfolio backed by many years of experience. Alpha Wire serve vital industries such as energy, medical, aerospace and defense, semiconductor, and consumer electronics.

    For more sustainable hook up wire that can handle the toughest conditions, use EcoWire Plus by Alpha Wire.

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