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    Alpha Wire 3051 Hook Up Wire

    For durable, high-performance hook up wire for control cabinets and equipment choose from the 3051 hook up wire series from Alpha Wire, a Belden brand.

    The 3051 hook up wire can handle high temperature applications such as ovens, as well as tough conditions like off-road construction equipment, making it a reliable choice.

    We have an excellent selection of 3051 hook up wire to help you find exactly what you need. This series is available with a variety of sheath colours such as blue, red, black, green, brown, yellow, orange, pink and purple, which makes them easily identifiable when performing maintenance or installation. The conductors are formed of tinned copper, providing high conductivity for electrical current and resistance to corrosion. You can count on them in temperatures of -40 to 105°C, and the PVC insulation offers resistance to abrasions and flames.

    Alpha Wire are accustomed to developing connectivity solutions for the most challenging applications, and their product line is backed by decades of expertise, so you can trust that the 3051 hook up wire will go the distance. As a brand they are ideally placed to design and manufacture innovative cabling products to meet the high demands of the modern world.

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