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    Self Adhesive Cable Clips

    Choosing self adhesive clips as a way to keep your cables and wires neatly routed, organised and out of the way is one of the quickest and easiest methods of achieving proper cable management around the home or workplace.

    Adhesive clips for cables are among our most consistently popular product lines when it comes to, cable clips, clamps and wire saddles of all varieties. You won't need to use nails or other fixings and fasteners when installing our self-adhesive clips on furniture, walls and other surfaces, minimising the chance of damage and making the clips much easier to remove or reposition when required.

    Types, sizes and materials of self adhesive cable clips:

    • Bundle diameter is one of the most important specifications to bear in mind when shopping for adhesive cable clamps - this refers to the overall width of cabling a given adhesive clip is rated to hold.
    • Our adhesive clips are sold in bundle diameters ranging from 4.3mm to 9.2mm, which is more than enough for most domestic wiring or office cable run needs.
    • For thicker and heavier bundles of cabling, it may be advised to move up to industrial-type cable clamps - these tend to be physically larger, constructed from more robust materials, and designed for semi-permanent installation via nails or screws.

    Most cable clips, whether self-adhesive or otherwise, are designed around one of three basic formats:

    • P-Type clips are widely used clip in industrial settings, usually requiring a single screw for a more secure grip and better retention ability on earthed, sleeved, coaxial cable and other thicker wire types. They're typically made from plastic and metal.
    • Saddle clamps are a general purpose cable clip that can be made from either metal (for heavy-duty use), or plastic for lighter tasks. Again, they can be affixed to walls and units with one or two screws, or sold in adhesive versions for less bulky runs.
    • Standard cable clips are most often used for smaller cable-tidying and electrical jobs around the home or office. They are normally made of a plastic material, and mounted either via pre-applied adhesive pads, or sometimes with a single nail for added strength.
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