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    HellermannTyton Cable Clips and Clamps

    Cable clips and clamps are a useful way of dealing with multiple problems. Not only do they keep cables and wires neat and tidy, they also prolong their life and prevent accidents. In many ways, there would be a very good argument for saying that cable clips and clamps are the most important part of your cable management programme.

    You will find cable clips and clamps in almost all locations, possibly even your own home, but they are especially useful in the following business locations:

    • Offices and Datacentres
    • Construction Sites
    • Automotive and Aerospace Factories
    • Entertainment Venues and Events

    Why Choose HellermannTyton Cable Clamps and Clips?

    HellermannTyton are the name to trust for all your cable management needs. They are constantly working to provide you with innovative solutions and understand that looking after your wires and cables is fundamental in minimising downtime and the smooth operation of your site. They are continually working with new ideas, technologies and materials to ensure they are ahead of the curve.

    Choosing Your Wire Clips

    Despite the number of options, choosing the correct HellermannTyton clip is easy. You simply need to consider your cable/wire type and its location/application.

    First things first, think about the size and type of your cable. For example, there are specific flat ribbon clips that are designed to hold this type of cable securely. For round wires (or wire bundles) a ratchet P clamp is ideal. These can be used and reused effortlessly, making them ideal for evolving cable runs. For single wires and small bundles, a simple nylon cable clip should be your go to solution.

    Cable Clips for Walls, Floors and Other Locations

    Next, look at where you will be attaching your clip. This will help you determine the material and mounting method. For outdoor locations you might want to choose a Chloroprene P clip – Chloroprene has excellent weatherproof properties and the aluminium alloy fixings are corrosion resistant.

    Stainless steel clips are weather and chemical resistant making them hardwearing - ideal for a range of industrial uses.

    Self-Adhesive Cable Clips V. Screw Fixed Clips

    Regarding how to mount your clip, think about the surface you will be attaching it to and let this determine the mounting method. Possibly the quickest way to mount your clips is to use a self-adhesive variety – this will also be perfect for surfaces that are unable to take screws or other fixings. Self-adhesive cable clips are available in nylon and stainless-steel materials and are perfect for securing trailing wires in offices.

    Screw clips are, of course, incredibly secure and perfect for surfaces that can be screwed into, such as wood or other building materials. Clips with screw fixings come in a range of styles including saddle clamps that allow easy access, and cradle clips that work with retaining rings to allow for wires to be added or removed as required.

    For the ultimate flexibility, consider a HellermannTyton cable clips kit. This includes clips in a wide range of styles and variety of mounting methods, so you will be ready for anything. Perfect for electricians, technicians or in laboratories.

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